Managing finances for your event

Handing over a Fifth Row

Pulse check for your Fifth Row

Starting a Fifth Row

Housing Allocation Scheme

Planning an Event

To plan an event, follow the steps below:
  • Form a committee with the people that shares the same ideals of realizing this event.
  • Think about the purpose of the event and who target audience is? What you want to achieve through your event and who are you doing it for?
  • Think about how are you going to execute your event. What is the timeline for your event, and the milestones to meet in order for your event to be successful, from pre-event preparations to post event clean up
Steps to Get Your Event Approved:
  1. Submit the EPF
    Fill in the EPF as found on the ROOT website and submit it to ROOT Events.
  2. Event Approval
    The EPF will first be approved by ROOT Events before it is sent to OSL for further approval. During this time, several changes may need to be made. Please change them accordingly so that the EPF can be sent to OSL for further approval. Please note that OSL may also require additional details before they approve the event.
  3. Publicity
    Publicity for the event can proceed after the EPF has been approved by OSL. Send the publicity material (Posters, tldr, etc) to ROOT Communications with the Poster Application Form (Found on the Root Website*note to Ryann you might wanna put a link here*). Only put the posters up once ROOT Communications has approved with the ROOT Communications stamp.
  4. Booking of Venues
    To book the venue required, please send the necessary details including the dates, time, venue and the number of people who are expected to participate to Patricia from OSL. You will be prompted to do this in the email sent by OSL once they approve your event as well. Please do so in a timely manner to increase the chance of your preferred venue being available.
  5. Risk Assessment Form
    For events that are considered to be of higher risk, please complete the risk assessment form. High risk events includes larger scale events where physical activities are involved and participants have a higher chance of injuring themselves. The completed form should be sent to OSL and EHS for them to approve of the event.
  6. After Action Review
    After the event, please submit an After Action Review together with photos from the event to OSL and ROOT Events. This should be done by the deadline as stipulated by OSL.
Poster guidelines:
  • Must have name & contact of POC.
  • Can only be put up in areas stated in the online form.
  • Max poster number: 20
  • Period of display: 4 weeks before event.
  • Are to be removed by expiry date, if not warnings will be issued every day past the expiry date.
  • 2nd warning involves an entire exco meeting with OSL.
  • 3rd warning demotes the Club to an Interest Group.